Bob Maistros' Obama Glossary  

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OK, so I'm over at RWN today, and I click on one of Van Helsing's links. He quotes extensively from a piece published last Thursday by Bob Maistros at North Star National called "A Helpful Obama Glossary". Wow. This piece is so good, I've reposted it in its entirety (provided Mr. Maistros has no objections).

Many Americans are no doubt confused by some of the terminology used by the president in recent weeks as he has given speeches before a joint session of Congress and the United Nations, conducted a variety of television interviews and introduced new policy proposals. As a public service, we are providing a glossary of these terms with their real meanings:

ACORN – who? Never heard of them. (For related definition of Defunding – “holding a show vote on an amendment to eliminate funding, then bottling up the bill” – see the Congressional Glossary.)

Action (as in “now is the time for action”) – big government.

Balanced and sustained (as in “chart a course for growth that is balanced and sustained”) – involving more big government.

Choice – the opportunity to select big government.

Competition – we choose who wins.

Compromise – accepting my position after I give a big speech.

Cost savings – $900 billion in new spending.

Create or save (as in “create or save 4 million jobs”) – destroy or lose, as in 2 million jobs.

Engagement – a combination of unilateral concessions and America-bashing abroad.

Fact (as in, “these are the facts” or “to state a fact”) – my opinion.

Honest debate – agreeing with me.

Incorporate (as in “incorporate ideas from Republicans”) – include in the early stages of a proposal and then have Pelosi and Reid drop like a hot potato behind closed doors in the final version.

Irresponsible (as in “irresponsible behavior”) – constitutionally protected.

Misinformation – facts, when presented by our opponents.

Neutrality (as in “net neutrality”) – favoring one side in a dispute, especially when that side has supported your campaign and provided a senior White House staff member.

Necessary (as in “necessary war”) – not really that necessary, at least when it comes to backing up your words with required manpower and funding and standing up to your liberal base.

Negotiations without preconditions – the position I took vis-à-vis our enemies during the campaign, then denied taking, but am now trying to force on the Israelis.

Nobody (as in “nobody disputes [these facts]”) – no liberals or members of the mainstream media.

Non-profit (as in proposals to establish tax-favored, non-profit status for failing newspapers) – making official a condition that has existed unofficially for years.

Nothing (as in “nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have”) – everything.

Plan (as in, “the [health-care] plan I am announcing tonight”) – a really good speech.

Respect (as in, “respects the rights of the Israelis and Palestinians” or “the Iranians and North Koreans”) – overrun (Israelis) or elevate beyond reason with no expectation of reciprocity (everyone else).

Responsibility (as in the “responsibility” to buy health insurance or America’s “responsibility” to confront global warming) – big government telling people or nations things they have to do. (See “Action” above.)

Scare tactics – see “Misinformation” above.

Security (as in “stability and security” in health care or “true security for all Israelis”) – you’re toast.

Stand by our friends – desert our friends in order to “engage” with our enemies. (See “Engagement” above.)

Tax – certainly not the fine that goes along with the individual mandate. No matter what that little #&%@! Stephanopoulos or Webster’s say.
There were also several great additions in the comment area.
Lance M Hillier Sr:
President – Me in perpetual campaign mode
I won – I rule, you lose
Govern = not the privilege of leading the country (see I won above)
Accountability – Democrats holding Republicans feet to the fire for Democrat failings [as in It's (still) Bush's fault]
Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research (hereinafter called ‘The Center’) – Death panel

Public Option = Government run
Settled Science = Don’t argue
Settled Law = Don’t argue
Get in their faces = bite off their fingers

Let me be clear – what follows will be either false or incoherent, but this precursor emphasizes that you’d believe every word of it.

“Racist” – anybody who is opposed to Obama’s policies.
(note from RWR - this has already been properly defined as: anyone winning an argument with a liberal)

Consensus – What I and those who I have brought into the room who believe the same thing believe as a group.

Extraordinary = Mediocre

Reset - To Apologize for all the good America has done, and to Get on one’s knees and service Saudi kings and the PLO.

Tea Party Patriot:
Crisis – Any event (aka excuse) that I determine gives me the authority I need to do what I want
Czar – liberal buddies that I owe favors

“I want to be clear about this” = “I’m about to channel the worst aspects of Richard ‘Let me be perfectly clear’ Nixon into my policies…”.

Let me be clear = I’m about to lie to you.

Racism: Any disagreement with my obvious wisdom.
The Mess I Inherited: The Mess I exacerbated.
bipartisanship: expecting the Republicans to bend over and grab their ankles on my say-so.
bipartisan effort: anything that Olympia Snowe has signed on to.
dissent: (formerly: the highest form of patriotism. Now archaic) see: racism.

change=redistribution of wealth
Also in the comment area, Bob mentions that he may have to keep this updated. I wil add the link in the left sidebar.