New Platform Suggestion  

Sunday, September 13, 2009

In light of the huge wake-up call Americans are responding to, we're getting a lot of people checking out the Federalist Party Platform from last spring.

Looks like we got a new suggestion in the comment thread last week for the Platform.

"That no American considered sane and safe enough to be at large shall be deprived of the right to arm himself however he wishes..."

Regarding this right to bear arms statement, I think it might be worded a little differently. The " enough to be "at large", conjures up the thought of an escaped criminal on the run from the police. Also, it could be argued by a shifty politician, lawyer, or judge that even thought someone is at large, they are not safe enough.

What about something like - That no American, not having been adjudicated to be insane by a competent court of law, shall be deprived of the right to arm himself however and wherever he wishes..."
This is an excellent suggestion, as it places a new restriction upon the government, though I doubt an "escaped criminal on the run from police" could be considered "safe" by anyone. It also brings up the problem of defining a "competent court of law".

Perhaps a requirement that the person in question be adjudicated as insane by at least two "competent" courts of law (such as local, county, and state)?

How about some thoughts on this thread about these ideas?

Also, I can get about 500 email addresses on the new mailing list (available in the right sidebar). Nice easy way to keep people updated on the goings-on in getting this thing going! Sign up if you want.