News Flash: Carter is Clueless  

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well yeah, we've known that for some time - at least thirty-plus years, but just when you think the liberals have said the most loony things possible, Jimmy Carter comes up with this whopper:

An overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man.
Yeah ok, Skippy. You go on believing that, but let me remind you of a couple of things if you can get your head out of your ass long enough to read them:

1. Barack Obama was black during the campaign season. If people had a problem with his race, I doubt you'd be seeing him in the Oval Office these days. If his race were a problem now, it also would have been then, particularly given the many reasons NOT to vote for him.

2. Just because liberals take to the streets to protest in anger doesn't mean conservatives do the same. Where was all the litter in the streets on Saturday when a crowd of somewhere between a half a million and 2.5 million demostrated on the mall in Washington, DC this past weekend? Where was all the hate? Show me ONE protest sign about this jackass's race.

3. There is plenty of racism in America, but it's not coming from the Right. It's coming from nutjobs like you (Carter) who are so obsessed with your bigot "president" getting his ass kicked by everyday Americans that you just won't acknowledge that it is YOU who have been wrong all along. And yes, I just called your liar (Wilson was right) a bigot. The incident in Cambridge, Massachusetts is all the evidence I need on that one.

4. I challenge you, Mr. Carter, to point out some examples of this racism you speak of. Each and every difference I have voiced in this forum and others is directed at the simple fact that Barack Obama is a SOCIALIST NUTBAG who is systematically attempting to dismantle the God-given freedoms that our Founding Fathers gave their lives to guarantee the people of this nation. I have supported efforts of those who wish to confirm his yet-unestablished natural-born citizenship, confirmation that he has spent over a million US dollars trying to stop from happening. It would be nice to see a liberal or two who so cared about the Constitution.

Conservatives do not consider race at all in making decisions. Those who do are, I would argue, NOT conservative. We are also insulted when you accuse us of such wrongs, when by engaging in behavior such as this, Mr. Carter, you are yourself guilty of racism. I will remind you that after I searched the available candidates for President of the United States, the one best qualified to support the Constitution that you liberals would so love to tear to shreds was, in fact, a black man. Will you call me racist for speaking out against Barack Obama now? Is my voting for a black man good enough for you? Or must it be a liberal fuckwad black man like the lying socialist pissant you are supporting now?

I invite you, Mr. Carter, to go fuck yourself.