Schilling for Senate  

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Now I'm not really sure where he stands on issues, but ex-Phillie great Curt Schilling has expressed an interest in running for the swimmer's senate seat in Massachusetts.

Curt's not the first Phillie great to run for office. Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning also wore Phillies pinstripes, famous for his 1964 perfect game on Fathers' Day at Shea Stadium against the New York Mets. The Phils have retired number 14 in his honor, and a quick glance at his record shows him generally on our side of things.

Schill's supposed to be a pretty conservative guy, though there are plenty of memories of him standing up for the baseball players' union at a time when they all should have just shut the fuck up and played. Still, almost any Republican would be more conservative than the extreme leftist who recently assumed room temperature.

As a ballplayer, there weren't many more committed to winning than Schilling. If he is a real conservative, he will be a great guy to have in our corner. His killer instinct and willingness to do what it takes to win without giving up much, even when he's not completely on top of his game - hallmarks of his awesome pitching career with Philly, Phoenix, and Boston, will be an asset to the conservative cause.

You go, Curt. You could be just the thing Massachusetts needs to get moved in the right direction!