The Simple Solution  

Monday, September 21, 2009

Alan Autry: [Turning off the water to California farms] is not just bad politics, it's an act of domestic terror.

I agree.

If you want to protect a 2-inch fish, go catch a shitload of them and move them somewhere else ... but TURN THE FUCKING WATER BACK ON.

This is what happens when you turn control over your lives to a government. California, you are merely reaping what you have sowed. Maybe this will be your wake-up call. You want your farms back up and running? Stand up against these socialists. They'll turn the water on ... once they know you aren't going to let them keep their power unless they do ... or better yet, just vote their sorry asses the fuck out anyway. America will be much better off without Nancy Pelosi.

Also, a note to the Governator: If you thing you might like to keep your office, try actually invoking the Tenth Amendment and defying D.C. instead of begging Barack for illegal federal aid. You're just going to get pissed on anyway.