Traffic Milestone  

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Time to toot my own horn.

As everyone here knows, I really don't live or die by traffic counts, but do watch them - mostly for fun and interest.

However, last night we crossed to 1,000 hit threshold for the 12th consecutive month. Having done it so early in the month is also pretty cool, though I'm not going to speculate that we will be breaking our October 2008 record of 2,976 hits. Sure, we're on pace for it (and you'd better believe I will be bragging if it happens - it's just too much fun), but it's only numbers.

This is a great milestone for a small blog such as this. I'll never be a big blog like Hawk with his 30,000 daily visits, but I do love our intimate group of readers and friends, as well as our adversaries and trolls - well not the trolls. They get banned.

But there is no question that the RWRepublic, small or large, represents a growing voice in the blogosphere. There is no question that the dedication to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution is second to none. Quite a far cry from the original concept, which was really just to make fun of all the stupid liberal bullshit out there - oh yeah, and the rants too!

So, before I retire for the night, I will again pat myself on the back, as well as all of you who have made it happen. The RWRepublic is truly a great place that brings great conservative minds together in a place of brotherhood and friendship, and I am proud to have been able to be a facilitator of that brotherhood and friendship.

Let's keep it rolling!