DC Attacks the First and Second Amendments  

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In addition to Barack Obama's dismal record on the Second Amendment, here comes more.

There were apparently some rumors that you would have to report your firearms to the IRS with your taxes, but that doesn't seem to be in HR 45. Here is what IS in the bill, according to WorldNetDaily:

* If enacted, the bill would forbid any person from owning any handgun or semiautomatic firearm that accepts a detachable ammunition feeding device, not including antiques, without obtaining a license.

* A person who is seeking a firearm license must submit to the attorney general an application including personal information.

* Requires licensing of all parties involved in the sale or transfer of a firearm.

* Licensed dealers would be required submit to the attorney general or appropriate state authorities the following information within 14 days of a transfer of a qualifying firearm: 1) manufacturer, 2) model name or number 3) serial number 4) date of transfer 5) number of the transferee's valid firearm license 6) name and address of person who transferred the firearm.

* The attorney general would be required to establish and maintain a federal system to track sales, including all of the identifying information submitted during a transfer of ownership.

* It would be illegal to fail to report lost or stolen firearms or to fail to report change of address within 60 days of the change.

* Random inspection of firearm shops, including those belonging to the manufacturer.

* The act does not apply to governmental authorities.

... Ummm. That seems kind of important, so let's make sure it gets said again ...

* The act does not apply to governmental authorities.

Are you getting this???

* The act does not apply to governmental authorities.

Are you sure?


In all humility and honesty, I think it's much more important that WE THE PEOPLE know who in the government is armed and what with. Don't forget that once they have the guns and/or know who has what, the rest of our rights only exist on paper, if at all. All of the above are direct violations of the Second Amendment.

Now Fox News's First Amendment rights appear to be targeted by the White House. They're not even trying to hide it anymore. It's getting so ridiculous that White House communications director Anita Dunn actually said this:

"They take their opposition research, put it on air; let's not pretend they're a news network the way CNN is."
Un - fucking - believable. Anita doesn't seem to get two things that are in play here:

1. That if CNN had been providing both sides of the issues at hand in 1996, there would be NO FOX NEWS TODAY. Fox is essentially doing what is supposed to be CNN's job. This statement is pure projection. Is there anyone that doesn't believe that CNN is a "wing" of the Democratic Party?

2. Fox happens to be kicking CNN's ass in the ratings (March figures). Glenn Beck, who seems to be the White House's biggest target (there's even a page at whitehouse.gov dedicated exclusively to trying to discredit him), doesn't even have a prime-time show, and he's only about 100,000 viewers behind Bill O'Reilly, who has dominated the ratings in a prime-time show. CNN powerhouse Larry King can't get even half of Beck's viewership, and even Fox's weakest performer in the top ratings, Greta van Susteren, has nearly a half a million more viewers than Larry. Anita ought to consider this when she opens her monkey-trap. Alienating Fox's viewers in this fashion only makes her and her boss look more stupid, while putting more money into the pockets of Rupert Murdoch and people like Glenn Beck. More people watch Fox News than any other cable network except USA. CNN is either 23rd or 26th, depending on how you're counting.

The bottom line on this is that CNN doesn't even qualify as a channel to bother watching, let alone a news network. So for not simply climbing up into Barack Obama's bus just to be thrown under it down the road, Fox News, and specifically Glenn Beck, is now a target for being treated as the enemy. Have you wondered why Barack Obama went to every Sunday news show except the ones on the most watched news channel in the country, where he could easily reach more people with less work? This is it. Fox is successful - and without help from Washington, DC. That is a bad thing if you're Barack Obama. Successful people need to be brought down so that the government can help them survive. That's what socialism is all about. Why do you think Obama has ignored all of the proof that what he is trying to do will only make things worse? There's no other answer other than he WANTS the economy to fail. I can just see it. Barack Obama goes on TV and says that nothing else worked, so we're just going to put the entire economy into the hands of the federal government. What a maroon.

If HR 45 passes, a proper armed resistance from the people will be impossible, therefore requiring a proper armed uprising in defiance of HR 45 (which cannot be legally passed) in order to reinstate the basic rights being trampled by Barack Obama and Congress.

I'm all for doing it peacefully a la Glenn Beck, but once the government gains complete control over the guns, it will then have gained complete control over everything, including YOU.

At that point, we will have to either submit or fight to the death.