Go Phils!  

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Philadelphia Phillies have done it again.

For only the second time in the history of the franchise, the Philadelphia Phillies have won their third consecutive division pennant. Even the great squads of the late 1970s and early 1980s, boasting greats like Rose, Luzinski, Mathews, McGraw, Carlton, and Schmidt cannot make that claim. As a Phillies fan of 33 years (off and on ... now that we have minor league baseball in the area, I'm much more excited about that), I must say that this is a great moment in Philadelphia baseball history.

I did not see the game (the Division was clinched before the Phils' win anyway), but watching the highlight reels showing the players running to the outfield and splashing champagne all over the Harry Kalas memorial brought forth tears of pride. "Harry the K" would have definitely been proud. These guys never lost sight of the great voice that had supported the team's efforts through good times and bad for 38 years.

Harry Kalas 1936-2009
Phillies Announcer 1971-2009
NFL Films Announcer 1975-2009

That moment was a fitting tribute to Harry, and you can bet there will be more if God wills further success upon the Philadelphia Phillies in the series to come.

We have to do it for Harry, guys. Do it for Harry!