RWR Confronts a Liberal Face-to-Face  

Thursday, October 15, 2009


What fun!

RWR was out tonight having a soda or two at the local Karaoke bar, and somehow wound up confronted by a gung-ho Che-supporting liberidiot freak. The discourse that took place is largely a blur, but for collecting STATE unemployment benefits that I PAID FOR, I was accused of "leeching off of this government". Never mind that without Obama's stiffulus bill, I wouldn't be unemployed in the first place ... But check this out:

When I asked said liberal (as I do here often) to point out which article and section of the US Constitution allows anyone in Washington, DC (District of Criminals - thank you, Sage) to get involved in such things as healthcare, etc., he tried to hit me with the old "well why don't you tell me what the Constitution says ..." thing. Of course, I'm RightWingRocker, and I have a pretty good grasp of the Constitution, so when I started explaining what the Constitution ACTUALLY SAID, the fucker changed the subject, and did it in such a fashion that got us both tossed from the place.

Don't you just love liberals? I'll bet he goes home, hits up Google for the full text of the Constitution, finds out that I'm right, and continues to deny that he is the one that has no clue.

After all, the thing that got him started was something I said to someone else about Che ...