RWR is a Radical and an Irresponsible Voter  

Saturday, October 03, 2009

On this post about Michelle Obama's tall tale about sitting on her father's lap to watch the Olympic Games when she was 20, I was called a "radical", an "irresponsible voter", and "not a real conservative".

How quaint.

So standing up for the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and the ideals not only that made America the greatest and most free country the world had ever seen, but also that they gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to deliver us, makes me a "radical"...

Voting for someone who would work to deliver a true Constitutional government instead of either of the two shitbags the major parties presented makes me an "irresponsible voter"...

And refusing to give in to the lies of the aforementioned shitbags and their respective parties somehow takes away my status as a "real conservative".

I'd say I'm doing a whole lot better in those departments than one would think. After all, isn't the willingness to stand up for what you believe in supposed to be the epitome of what makes one "conservative"?

And isn't the willingness to cast a vote in favor of someone who shares one's reverence for the Founders and respect for the Constitution what makes one a "responsible voter"?

And finally, how did we get to a point in our history where believing in the proper implementation of the Constitution, as set forth by the Founding Fathers, became "radical"?

I would submit that if we have come to that point, then it is our responsibility as a free nation to make sure it not only doesn't get any worse, but that it gets restored as quickly as possible to the intended circumstance. To delay by trying to elect the likes of John McCain to the office of President of the United States is simply playing into the hands of the socialists who wish to continue dismantling the Constitution that restricts their progress in destroying everything our Founders (and our soldiers, for that matter) worked, fought, and died for.

I would submit that those who disagree on this matter may be the ones who are not "real" conservatives, as they have sold out to the enemy in the hopes of getting a little of what they want here and there. That's not what conservatism is all about. Conservatism is all about standing firm and fast for those ideals and beliefs that made this country great - the ones espoused in the Founding Documents and in the hearts of those who still hold them dear.

My positions aren't new or radical. They are the same sentiments expressed over 200 years ago in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution itself. There's nothing super-special about them, except that they form the foundation of the greatest nation The Creator has ever given the world. There's nothing sinister in them. I doubt the same could be said of the ideals currently espoused by the Republican or Democratic Party.

I would also submit that those who would vote for someone as the lesser of two evils couldn't responsibly call someone who votes according to a Constitutional ideal "irresponsible". After all, voting for the likes of John McCain or Barack Obama is one of the most irresponsible things an American could do, given their respective track records. I can, however, understand the sentiment. I used to vote that way myself.

I've seen and corrected the error of my ways in that department. Time for those who wish to throw around accusations such as these to consider doing the same.

We'll all be better off once that happens.