RWR to Support Chris Christie  

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not to hold my nose or anything, but I've decided to throw the lever for Republican Chris Christie for Governor of New Jersey. His ideas aren't anything new, nor are they particularly Federalist, but Republican governors have done better on the economy in this state than Democrats, and boy are we paying the price for our high freaking taxes now. Independent Chris Daggett is most likely to the left of Christie, based on what little analysis is available.

We do have some great watchdogs around the state, including Steve Lonegan, who put up a great showing in the primaries and would still make not only a great governor for our state, but a great President for the Nation. I'll be watching Chris from my blog desk as well.

The real problem in New Jersey is that the entitlement mentality has gotten way out of control, and to the point where some socialism will be in place regardless of what you do. State-funded public education is provided for in the state Constitution, for example. With nothing but corrupt politicians often beholden to organized crime (and I doubt Christie is any exception), this mentality will take a lot of work to change. Trimming off some of our overly burdensome taxation and creating real jobs will provide a good start. The education of the populace isn't going to be undertaken by a Christie administration, so it will be up to the educated citizens of the state to take up that task.

I'm up to it. Don't worry your pretty blue eyes.