Tooting It Again  

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Earlier in September, I thanked everyone for giving the RWRepublic 12 consecutive months of over 1000 visits per month. We had a spike in the run-up to the election, setting a traffic record that was broken this past month. October saw the RWRepublic with 2976 visits, surely due to the fact that the election was at hand. September's super-spike probably had more to do with ACORN and Obamacare scandals than anything else, even though I blogged very little about either (I sense there is something REALLY HUGE in both of these that make me think I may want to wait for the REALLY HUGE story).

Anyway, total traffic for September was 4465 visits - a new record just short of 4500.

Of course, I really don't live by traffic, but when there's something special to report, I do report, mainly because the people that brought it about deserve my most humble thanks.

So here's a HUGE thank you to those who have come around. The RWRepublic is a better place for your presence, regardless of whether you are a thoughtful Constitutionalist or some dumbass troll. All are needed here and welcome.

Let's roll!


PS - Look for a congratulatory post for the Phils in the morning. That deserves "top time" much more than my tooting my own horn posts (but not necessarily more than the thank you that goes with it). Go Phils!