Bogus Figures from Obama's Slush Fund  

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just Google it for the links. There are too many people calling the administration on this to keep it all straight. Of course, it's no surprise that Obama and his gang of criminals in Washington are lying about their so-called "stimulus", which is really nothing more than an advance for Donk campaign funds for 2010 and 2012. Here's a chart of some of the lies that were told on the government's page that's supposed to monitor the "stimulus". This chart DOES NOT include the $6.4 billion that went to 440 bogus congressional districts - enough fake congressional districts to DOUBLE THE SIZE OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

Now in all fairness, there will be mistakes made. But mistakes of this magnitude and nature have to have you wondering whether you want this same government in control of which doctors you may see and when, even if you do believe that somehow the government is actually authorized to do so.

Furthermore, if this administration is this serious about lying to the people, how can you trust the numbers that aren't demonstrably bogus? Bogus predictions about "pass this or you just might see 9% unemployment", when passing that very bill (illegally at that) brought about 10.2% unemployment AND CLIMBING, bogus numbers on actual stimulus spending, bogus claims that "healthcare reform" isn't an attempt to put private insurers out of business ... Are we seeing a pattern here? How about bogus claims that the current occupant of the White House is a natural-born citizen of the United States? Has anyone shown proof? Why not?

Here is a guy who has spent at least close to a million dollars to stop inquiries into an issue that would cost a mere ten to twenty bucks to put to rest IF there weren't something damning to hide. If he's lying about the stimulus, which he is, and he's lying about the economy, which he is, and he's lying about healthcare, which he is - and taking all these lies this seriously to boot, then why would it be such a stretch that he's lying about his status as a natural-born citizen?

Had the Democratic Party not jumped so quickly at the chance to be able to call America racist for not electing their guy, we would have all these same lies coming from either Hitlery or McShithead. At least Hitlery was born on US soil to American parent. Not that the Republicrats give a damn about the Constitution anyway.

The point is that we've been fed lie after lie after lie after lie for a hundred years from these shitbags. Why should we start believing them now? Why should we allow them to keep the power they have wrested from our very hands for a single day longer? Why should we trust them with our retirement? With our charity? With our safety? The answer, of course, is that we shouldn't - That was the whole point of the Declaration of Independence in the first place. It was the whole point of the Bill of Rights. It's the whole point of being free. As I've said before, with the exception of those few powers the Constitution grants it, WE DON'T NEED A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!! At this point, who would want it?