Chuck DeVore for Senate  

Monday, November 23, 2009

Barbara Boxer is in deep shit. It seems there's a conservative with Federalist tendencies running against her in 2010.

Chuck DeVore's basic platform states the following:

* Chuck DeVore believes government's most important role is to secure our rights. This was the Founders' view of government too. Bigger government encroaches on our liberty.
* Chuck opposed the bailouts, the stimulus package and the big government auto industry takeover.
* Chuck has a strong voting record fighting for increased domestic energy production and he has strongly opposes Barbara Boxer's Cap & Trade energy tax scheme
* California faces an unprecedented challenge due to a drought made worse by arcane environmental laws.
* Assemblyman DeVore is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army retired Reserve. He also worked as a Reagan White House appointee in the Pentagon. Chuck supports a strong military and defense for our country.
* Chuck supports strong controls on our borders and considers this issue to be of vital national importance.
* Chuck has a proven voting record of fighting for our Constitutional rights.

DeVore cites the Declaration of Independence in his passages on the role of government. His assessment is spot-on.

On taxes, he correctly points out that high taxes enable an increasingly large government that has forgotten its aforementioned role, again quoting the Declaration.

He isn’t as strong on healthcare, parroting the usual high costs and demonstrably poor results of the proposed plans, but does correctly acknowledge that "Government created many of today's healthcare problems -- and so it makes no sense to turn to government to solve them."

On energy, he's basically a Republican. Good points made, but no reference to the blatant illegality of the government regulating energy production in the first place.

On California's current drought, Chuck supports turning the water back on in California. While this is a no-brainer, Barbara Boxer has staunchly stood in the way of doing it, causing rampant unemployment and a food shortage that will be felt nationwide.

His comments on "family values" are better applied to his decision to support only originalist judges:

In a prospective judge, I'll look for those who understand that the role of government is to secure our "unalienable" rights as set forth in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence and that the Judicial Branch's role is not to legislate from the bench.
Sure, this does affect the implementation of values, but it's much more important in its effect on the implementation of the Constitution. I should shoot off a note to the campaign haha.

Sage would love Chuck's position on the military:
While a strong supporter of a robust and modern volunteer military, Chuck has been a consistent skeptic of direct military intervention since the 1980s, preferring instead to encourage those who want freedom and democracy overseas with more indirect methods, if possible. Chuck knows that we neither have enough people [nor] treasure to be a global policeman for decades.
We should have a robust, state-of-the-art military, and we should only use it to kick the asses of those who choose to do us harm. Good call, Chuck. One possible issue, however, would be the "more indirect methods" of supporting the freedom fighters of the world. If we're sending them guns and ammo at our own expense, that's not a good thing. If our gun manufacturers are selling them to them, that's another matter entirely - get the picture?

Chuck's position on criminal trespass of illegal aliens is correct, however, as I have often stated, it is a mistake to use the word "immigrants" to describe these people, as they have none of the required traits of immigrants. Call them what they are: illegal aliens.

Chuck’s stand on the First and Second Amendments is spot-on.

Of course, no assessment of a politician would be complete without a conservative rating. Looking at his voting record, only a single vote for rent control catches my eye. He also voted for clearer definitions of sentences for drug offenders who had violated their probation. Since this was not a vote on the "drug war" itself, but rather a clarification of a convict's rights, I'm not sure I can count it against him. Chuck is going to have to come in very high on the conservative scale – somewhere in the 90-95% range. This guy is no joke.

Of course, Sage is much better at digging up dirt on these guys than I am, but at this juncture, not only is Chuck DeVore better than Barbara Boxer, but he's also head and shoulders above his Republican challenger – yeah I know – big surprise there. The Republican wants you to vote for her because she's a woman. Yeah, California did that with Boxer and look at what it got - nice job, Skippy. On the issues, it looks like California would be doing itself a favor by electing Chuck DeVore.

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