RightWingSparkle: Bush vs. Obama  

Saturday, November 21, 2009

When I saw this post by RgihtwigSparkle, it brought to mind a comment I once saw from Sage on Mr. Minority's blog:

Sadly, I believe that the day is not far when we will look at the Boosh days as the "good ole days"!
RightwingSparkle shows us why today we are doing just that. Of course, Bush did plenty for us to complain about, and to expect McLameass to have been much better than Obama would have been foolish, but it does seem that we have reason already to wish we were fighting Bush than Obama.

Of course, there is the up-side. Obama has thrown things into such a tail-spin that Americans who were previously complacent are now doing their duty and speaking out against these usurpers. McLameass would not likely have brought this about. Good for America!