Changes Coming On  

Monday, December 14, 2009

Haloscan is discontinuing its free comment service, and the free comment services available do not support "Classic Blogger", which is causing me to at least temporarily take down the kick-ass template I've been using.

For the time being, please do not leave any comments on this blog. The comments have already been backed up, and anything you put here WILL BE LOST, as I will be moving forward with a new comment service and upgrading the template in the hopes that I will be able to re-establish some semblance of the old one.

Please check back often so that you will know when the upgrades are complete.


Update: As you can see, much of the page is back. However, there are still some issues:

1. Clicking the title is not necessarily a permalink as before. It may take you to a link relevant to the post. (Resolved - Clicking the title will always give you the permalink now.)

2. There isn't always a comment link on each post. To comment, you will need to click on the permalink, which isn't always there. (Resolved.)

3. Some of the graphics and cool stuff is gone - hopefully temporarily. I can't see the RWRepublic without our trusty random quotes! (Most graphics are back, save one that I really liked (the red band below the header. Random quotes are sadly still an issue.)

4. To comment, click the title for the permalink, and the comment box will be below the post.

5. It looks like I'm going to have to transfer all of the comments from the last five years by hand - grrr. Unfortunately, they weren't backed up in chronological order so it will be a sporadic kind of process. On transferred comments, I will bring over the timestamps as well and include them inside the comments.