How the Republicans can Save their Party  

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last week, I blogged about a poll that showed that the Tea Party movement is largely a conservative movement that would beat the Republican Party in a three-way race, further confirming my assertion that the Republicans are the "third party", and not us Federalists et. al. I would like to revisit that poll today.

The important stuff in the poll amounted to this:

If the election were held today, which party's candidate would you support?


Democrat: 36%
Tea Party: 23%
Republican: 18%
Undecided: 22%

Independent voters:

Tea Party: 33%
Undecided: 30%
Democrat: 25%
Republican: 12%

Republican voters:

Republican: 39%
Tea Party: 33%

There's more, but you get the idea. The only demographic that Republicans did any better than third place here was when you went specifically to Republican voters. Is this party washed up or what?

The Tea Party voter is, let's be honest, generally either a Republican or someone to the right thereof. Republicans try to tell you that since we Tea Party people, whether you call us Federalists, Conservatives, Constitutionites, Libertarians, or whatever, are more closely aligned with them than the Democrats, then we should vote for their guy, even though our ideology and beliefs are more both more popular and more constitutional (read that legal) than theirs. If the Republican Party truly wants to survive their current loss of power, wouldn't the smart thing for them to do be to embrace Tea Party-friendly ways, Tea Party-friendly candidates, and a Tea Party-friendly platform? I would sure think so.

Instead they have counted us out, essentially calling us hardheads who would rather see a less liberal candidate lose than have the opportunity to push forward with a less liberal agenda. Well of them I ask, how is that McCain vote working out for you today? Sure, McCain spoke out against this government healthcare crap, but only because HIS version of government healthcare is off the table - oh, and to shut him up, the Donks have put amnesty back onto the table. Are we having fun yet? I sure am.

Why am I having fun while liberals (including Republicans like John McCain) work so hard to tear down the America that the Founding Fathers so sacrificed for? Well hold you head up and smile. It's the Tea Party movement. Had McCain won in 2008, I doubt there would be much of a Tea Party movement, and if there were, it would be quiet. It's hard to come out very strongly against an official that you cast a vote for. In many ways, Barack Obama is one of the best things ever to happen to the United States of America. Look around you. How many people are now interested in the Constitution and what it actually says?

America is about to make a HUGE comeback, with or without the Republicans and Democrats. The Tea Party movement will be dictating the course of history for the foreseeable future. This is where I think the Republican Party has a chance to save their party. Instead of insisting that we go along with their platform and plans, the Republican Party should see the Tea Party movement's power and SIGN ON TO ITS platforms and plans. Abandon big government Republicanism and become the party of the Constitution.

Given who's calling the shots at this juncture, I seriously doubt the Republicans will do this, but if any kind of survival instincts kick in, it is highly plausible. The problem as I see it is that the Republicans have seen this polling data as well, and are still tasting the insides of the Donks' rectums all over Washington, DC. You would think losing the White House to an avowed socialist and having to face the Tea Partiers every day would give them pause. Still, it's something for us to consider if they do come around.