Phillies Screw the Pooch  

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cliff Lee
Pitcher Extrordinaire

In one of the stupidest deals imaginable, the Philadelphia Phillies have traded the best pitcher they have had since Steve Carlton. If they wanted Roy Halladay, fine. Trading away the only pitcher on their staff to win a World Series game this past season should NOT have been an option.

I was skeptical of the trade that brought Lee to Philly, to be honest, but the man made a believer out of me. His cool personality and humble attitude turned out to be one of the team's finest assets. There was absolutely no reason to deny Cliff Lee the opportunity to finish out his career at Citizens Bank Park. Has Reuben Amaro contracted Ed Wade disease?

I sense this trade will wind up biting him in the ass.

Go Sharks!