Are You a Federalist? Platform Suggestions Please  

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Do you believe:

* That the Bill of Rights exists to protect individual rights?
* That government infringement of those rights should be vigorously opposed?
* That government is by its very nature evil?
* That government officials should be required to work within the boundaries set forth in the Constitution?
* That a government that does not function within its means is worse than an individual who does the same?
* That a vibrant and superior military with state-of-the-art weapons systems is necessary?
* That American soldiers must never be subservient to non-American commanders or serve under a foreign flag?
* That the United States of America is a sovereign nation with no obligations to any international organization?
* That the Right to Keep and Bear Arms includes the right to use deadly force in self-defense?
* That federal domestic and foreign aid programs are both illegal and immoral?
* That parents, not any government, are responsible for the education of their children?
* That the federal government should have no power to influence elections?
* That the federal government does not possess the power to set forth an "energy policy"?
* That government programs aimed at reducing poverty are neither legal nor beneficial to those they are designed to help?
* That the federal government should be at the weakest, with local governments and the people being at the most powerful level of government?
* That the Constitution must be respected as the supreme law of the land, and that original intent should reign supreme?

If so, then you are (whether you like it or not) a Federalist.

Work has commenced on updating the Platform for 2010. There have already been a number of excellent suggestions that will be implemented. The time to add your own input is now.

Please leave your suggestions in the comment area of THIS POST. Thanks.