Glenn Beck - Not Radical Enough  

Saturday, January 30, 2010

While we often refer to Glenn Beck as part of the "controlled opposition", we do like him and recognize that he is more like us than anyone else out there. He recently made a pretty profound statement in response to a caller, "Steve", who said that Beck had inspired him to learn about the Founders and the Constitution, then going on to say that Glenn was "not radical enough" (which most of us here would agree with as well). There are three very important things Glenn said in this quote, which I have highlighted:

Steve, what you do with your history, what you do with the things that you, you know, that you learn is up to you because there shouldn't be a giant control. I'm not a leader. I'm not a guy who's out here saying, hey, vote for me or anything like that. I'm a guy who is just like you. I just happened to start earlier than two weeks ago. I'm discovering a lot of this stuff for the first time as well. And what I learned last year, what I really came when I figured it out and I knew what was happening in Washington, that's when I knew you'll never beat this. If you try to beat it through politicians and through parties. You will only beat this if you educate the American people. Because then these things become self evident.
Glenn basically closed the hour with this, and his plan for restoration of the Founders' vision was left for the next hour. However, Glenn makes three very important points here:

1. Each of us must decide for ourselves what we do with what we learn about history. I choose to reinforce it here on my blog and in my life. I stand up to liberals and others who have no idea what history teaches us, and do my best to show them the light. Should they have hard heads and hearts, I show them the wrath. Glenn educates people through his radio and television programs.

2. Many if us, including Glenn, are learning this stuff for the first time. I remember Sage once saying that the difference between reasonable people and unreasonable people was the willingness to listen and think - and listen again and think again. He also got on Glenn's case once for not exposing the Federal Reserve - which Glenn did later that week on his TV show, as if he were responding to Sage's words. Glenn does listen, read, and think - and then listen, read, and think again. We are all evolving in our knowledge. It's just that guys like Sage got a head start on us.

3. The only way to beat this is to educate the American people, thus making these truths again self-evident. This is what Glenn endeavors to do every day. Sadly, he only has limited time to do it, but that does give him time to spend learning. We do the same here, sometimes having to make fun of the very people we are trying to teach. Sometimes because they just walk right into it, and sometimes because they ask for it.

Glenn Beck is evolving, and he's evolving into quite the Constitutionalist. There is much we will learn from him, and much he will learn from us. Hopefully he will eventually evolve into someone even the likes of Sage wouldn't mind having next to him in the trench. As America moves to the right, it's his voice that seems to be taking over as the voice of the conservative movement. Hopefully his boss won't get in the way.