Later Days, Air America!  

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You knew this would happen once Al Frankenstein got finished rigging an election and leaving his post at that phony excuse for a megaphone. Liberals don't do well in the free market, as if that's surprising. Who'd buy advertising time on a station no one listens to in the first place?

A note to libs: If you want to put your opinions on the radio, find a format and a message that the people want to listen to. Unfortunately for you, your message sucks donkey ass. Just look at the ratings of any left-leaning venue for proof.

New York Times? Not bad for tinder, but that's about it.

CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NBC? Fox's ratings probably beat all of them combined.

Talk radio? Please. You guys never had a chance.

Look. Just because I have a blog, I'm not guaranteed an audience. The same applies to you. If people don't like my message, they will just go read another blog. Of course, the RWRepublic is still growing after five years.

Did I hear someone call this a "dying blog"?


Ain't gonna happen, Skippy. The message is just too powerful. I'm busying myself with making ol' Jim and Tommy proud! The message of liberty will ring throughout the land for as long as I have the ability to trumpet it.