Why Scott Brown Matters  

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For all that's been out and about in the blogosphere these last few weeks, you'd think Scott Brown was the second coming of Ronald Reagan. He's not. In fact, from the standpoint of governing, Scott Brown isn't much better than John McCain, if any better at all (or, for that matter, his opponent). However, there are some points about Scott Brown that are very important, despite my correctly arguing that it is best to take a more sober approach when it comes to supporting a non-conservative Republican for office:

1. Scott Brown is running for office in Massachusetts, and for a Senate seat that has been held by not only a socialist/communist/fascist Democrat for several decades, but has been held by THE SAME socialist/communist/fascist Democrat for several decades. Any move to the right, however small, is a huge leap for the "People's Republic of Massachusetts". Support for the Libertarian is a joke in this race. We are talking about Massachusetts here.

2. Scott Brown's success in this campaign - win, lose, or draw - has energized conservatives (as if the Tea Party movement hadn't already gotten us going) to the point where there may now be some motivation in areas where more conservative results are possible. That can only be a good thing.

To suggest Scott Brown is the conservative answer to everything is to not have read his campaign page. Sure, he's vowed to be the 41st vote against ObamaCare, but his track record in Massachusetts suggests RepubliCare may not be out of the question for him. He did vote FOR RomneyCare as state Senator and was one if its bigger proponents. Government healthcare a la Republicans isn't going to be any more legal than a la Democrats.

A move to the right in Taxachusetts? Heck, you get that even if he just makes it close. Motivating conservatives? I'd say conservatives, particularly those of the constitutionalist variety, could use some motivating.

In these ways, conservatives have already won thanks to Scott Brown. His actually winning would be gravy, though its taste will likely not be as sweet as many want you to think it will be.