Another Gaffe for Beck  

Monday, March 08, 2010

I haven't made it a secret that I'm a huge fan of Glenn Beck.

That doesn't make him perfect. After all, it didn't take me very long to build a case for "birtherism" that Beck would likely not be able to beat. Today, Michelle Malkin points out that Eric Massa, the Democrat that Beck is currently touting as the latest victim of Chicago-style mob tactics in Washington, is a fraud.

So, last year he’s the pol willing to go kamikaze to pass nationalized health care.

And now, tainted by scandal, he’s running to Fox News to cast himself as a warrior against Obamcare and its left-wing overlords?

A radical backer of the Big Labor card check bill, he’s now trashing union corruption.

Will Glenn have Michelle on his show Wednesday to speak her piece in opposition to Massa? I don't know. It would, however, make perfect sense, and it might give Glenn a little bit more insight into the situation. It does seem that Beck has a tendency to act in haste, and that's usually when he's wrong. Patriot Act, bailouts, birth certificate, and now this. Will he see the error of his ways like he did with the bailouts and Patriot Act, or will he stand firm with this nutjob like he's doing with Obama vis a vis his birth documents? Only time will tell.

Here's a thought for ya: What are the chances this Massa character is a plant from the White House and/or the radicals in Congress to divert our attention from something else that's going on? Maybe this is one of those times that we should be "watching the other hand", as Glenn loves to put it. He's doing a far better job than most in the media, but I do have to agree with Michelle on this one. He has most likely jumped the gun ... again.


Update: OK. Michelle was on Glenn's radio program today, and she really gave it to him regarding the above. Glenn says watch the show, and that to judge his decision now before seeing it is premature. He did make a good case, so there's nothing to do but actually watch the show and see what happens. I will not be posting, however, because of the post that's due to hit the RWRepublic tonight at 8, and I will want that one at the top for a while. Look for any comments from me over at Michelle's blog instead.

Update: Look for the updated Federalist Platform tonight (3/9) around 8 or 9 pm. - RWR