Farewell, my Good Friend 2001-2010  

Monday, March 22, 2010


I've been a dog lover all my life. I've never been much for cats.

When this little guy made his way into my life, I wasn't even all that thrilled, but he was kind and warm and loving in ways I had never experienced from a cat. He came into our lives abandoned and unloved, but returned the love that was given him many times over.

He would sit on my lap for hours, especially if there were a blanket involved. He loved his family, and we all loved him too.

We recently noticed some odd behavior. He wasn't begging at the table. He loved to eat. We noticed later that he was having problems in the litter box, and it turned out that he had a condition that often develops in male cats, crystallization of the urine. This is very painful and expensive to treat, and there is little hope in any of the treatments. He passed away peacefully in my arms earlier this afternoon after some quality time with me and a small helping of his favorite food, broccoli.

So sorry if I'm not my usual fiery self, but today I tearfully grieve the loss of the only cat I've ever cared about at all.

God speed, my furry little friend. You will always be remembered with fondness and love. May you rest in peace.