John Hawkins: "Late to the Party"  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hawk came out today saying he has given up on Michael Steele.

Well DUH! That train left town a long time ago, and it's so far along now, its whistle isn't even audible.

Let's look at the reasons Hawk gives for giving up on Steele:

* Stupid comments about conservatives
* Book tour
* Inadequate fundraising efforts
* Racism (go figure)
* Amnesty (again, go figure)

Michael Steele is, and always has been, the Barack Obama of the Republican Party. He says stupid things, writes books that he mistakenly thinks give him credibility that he otherwise doesn't have, fails to raise the funds necessary to get his candidates elected, kisses foreigners' ass, and blames his failures (including all of the above) on non-existent racism.

Was any of this a surprise, though? I honestly looked at Steele as an interesting, though flawed, idea. Here was a guy the Donks couldn't look at and simply call him a white supremacist just because he wasn't black. His being black took that off the table. Steele, like Obama, was the epitome of the Affirmative Action candidate for the job. The Donks had what they wanted in him, and from every perspective you could name. The Republicans had signed on to Affirmative Action, and in doing so had put them into a position where they could take advantage of their so-called "opposition" because of a lesser candidate getting the job. Still, four years of Obama will virtually guarantee a Republican president taking the oath of office in 2013 (with his fingers crossed, just lke Obama did). Does anyone believe there will be a conservative at the top of that ticket, given the Republicans' track record? Don't hold your breath.

Who can forget Obama's stupid comments on the campaign trail, the richest being that there are 57 states in the union? What was Obama's single accomplishment in life prior to running for office? A book that would have spared us the bullshit that is Barack Obama if only more Americans had read it (but of course what would have spared us John McCain?). It seems the easiest way to get a Republican elected these days is to have Obama show up at one of his opponents' campaign events. Gird your loins for amnesty as well, as this moron will stop at nothing to gain new voters who he believes will vote for him and his comrades.

The stupid comments about conservatives should have been more than enough to send up red flags about Michael Steele. His voting record was anything but conservative. The comments should have been the LAST straw, not the first.

So welcome to the party, Hawk. Better late than never.

Makes me wonder when Hawk will take a little time to read Venus and join the other party that's going on ...