Conservatives are on to Palin  

Friday, May 07, 2010

Melissa Clouthier had, among other things, this to say about Sarah Palin after her endorsement of Carly Fiorina:

After this endorsement, no one can say Sarah Palin is a purist. I'm not sure they can say she's a pragmatist either.
It's about time we heard more about Sarah Palin that isn't all the pie-in-the sky google-eyed bullshit we often get when it comes to Palin.

Palin basically ended her political career when she endorsed Johnny McShithead for re-election as Arizona Senator. Her endorsement of Fiorina, in defiance of Chuck DeVore's status as the Tea Party candidate, just makes her that much less credible to Tea Partiers. Saying that Fiorina is in a better position in the general is just all that much bullshit.

Wishy-washy Republicans are fast becoming a thing of the past, and if conservatives don't move in and take over the party, it will be replaced with something more Federalist in nature. Palin is, first and foremost, one of those wishy-washy Republicans. These people are just as obsessed with the acquisition and maintenance of power as the Democrats. They have no clue that their power base is about to crumble under them, leaving them with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Palin is not the future of America, and neither are the Republicans or the Democrats. Either the Tea Party activists take over one of the parties, or they will have to form a new party to replace one or the other of those two liberal parties. America needs to move further to the right than either of those parties as existing today is willing to go.

Sarah has a place in the Tea Party movement, but she will never be one of its leaders.