PJ's Open Letter to Glenn Beck  

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prudently Jealous referred recently to a post he did vis a vis Glenn Beck's strange demonization of those who seek proof of Obama's natural born citizenship. I took he time to read it, and as long as he doesn't mind my doing so, I've pasted it here in its entirety.


I first off would like to say out front that I am a fan of your show. I watch your show most days, listen to a part of your radio program most days and I have read two of your books. I would like to thank you for the work you do so well. I have questions though. You do always tell us to “Question with boldness” and I’d like to do that now even though I know I won’t get through the question before you have me fixed for a nut case. I am no nut case, and these are not generally issues I ever attend to. I am no 911 truther. I’m not even really a birther. There are people out there who are. Do they not have the right to “question with boldness” as you proclaim? What is wrong with the questions? What is it about this issue that bothers you so much?

I listened to your interview with Medina of Texas and how you smeared her for the 911 issue. I listen when you berate people who question the citizenship of our current president. You call them crazy. Where is your regard for their concerns? You malign people for doubts. Truthers? Yes, I think it is a farfetched idea. However there have been governments that have done worse. Are these people allowed to voice their concerns and “question with boldness” like anyone else? They should be. Birthers? Again it may sound crazy but they have a right. I would say birthers actually have legitimate points, in that the constitution requires citizenship for our president. There is also a reason for that. Our founders, whom you like to look to for guidance, did not want someone who might have issues of allegiance. I don’t know all the ins and outs of what they believe, but I do know that an anouncement in a newspaper is not proof of citizenship. I could not bring in the newspaper anouncement from my birth as proof enough for a driver’s license! And yet for some reason when someone even raises the issue, you get your dander up and start demeaning them in a way which would make Alinsky proud!

So my questions to you are as follow: Do you indeed believe that we should “question with boldness”? Or does that only apply to the issues which you and the management at Fox News find palatable?
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