A Thought on the Binoculars Scandal  

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get serious.

The Phillies have dominated the National League for a few years now. They're obviously going to be a target any time something could possibly be just a little bit out of the ordinary ...

I say so what if Mick Billmeyer was stealing signs. Who in baseball doesn't make the effort to try to catch a sign or two or three? Anyone who has played the game will tell you that it is PART OF THE GAME. So to the Colorado Rockies and their fans I say, STOP YOUR FUCKING WHINING. It ain't like you and your guys aren't out there doing the same thing Billmeyer was doing when you pointed out he was using binoculars.

Mick Billmeyer: Checking the Scenery?

Here's a thought for ya: Maybe ol' Mick was using the binoculars to check out some of the hot babes seated behind home plate. Lord Knows Denver is crawling with them!

Just a thought!