Franken Opens Mouth, Tastes Toes  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back in January of 2006, I predicted that Al Franken(stein) would run for Senate, even though he swore he wouldn't. Of course, I was right. I was also right on another prediction that I made the same day ...

Frankenstein's so loony that if the good people of Minnesota aren't already smart enough to keep him out of office, we'll have a whole lot to laugh at coming from the Senate floor.
Over at RWN, Brian Garst is reporting on Frankenstein's hilarious stupidity. Feast your eyes on this quote ...
Originalism isn't a pillar of our constitutional history. It's a talking point.
How many positions do your eyes wind up in while you are laughing at this one? Mine wound up pointing straight back into my skull at least once or twice. Read it out loud and listen to what this moron is saying ...

The intent of the Founding Fathers (who wrote the Constitution) is not a pillar of our Constitutional history.

Any American not completely insulted by this statement is a fool at best. At worst he is a traitor. The day the Founding Fathers intent becomes a "talking point" is the day we all wind up in the foxhole with Sage.

I hope he's got the ammo ready. Franken will be my first target.