Warner Todd Huston on Guns in Chicago  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

When I first read Warner's work some time ago, I assumed that he was just another liberal Republican parroting the opinions of John Hawkins. After all, why would Hawk put opinions that far out of sync with him on his blog?

Well, as it turns out, Huston is much closer to an appropriate voice for Tea Party America than Hawkins will ever be, and Hawk does deserve some credit for putting Warner's opinions out there. In his latest, Warner does a nice little piece on illegal gun laws in Chicago. Unfortunately, like many of us who wish to uphold the Constitution, Warner winds up missing the point. I set him straight in my comment (quoted here):

Whether crime is up or down is IRRELEVANT.

Whether homicide is up or down is IRRELEVANT.

These laws aren't bans on guns per se, they are bans on self-defense in general. The Second Amendment protects this important right, and by creating illegal laws banning self-defense (and in the same act, guns), the government becomes the very criminal it pretends to be protecting the people from.

Sadly, people have a problem letting the Constitution stand for itself. As long as the Constitution guarantees the people the right to keep and bear arms, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER whether crime is up or down as a result of some stupid law that got passed illegally. The law is still illegal, and the people have the right (and in this case the responsibility) to defy it, period.

If we are to get back to a Constitutional government, it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that the Constitution be respected as the supreme law of the land. Trying to justify or nuke a law that the Constitution disallows on any other basis is nothing but pure distraction from the fact that the law is itself illegal. The Constitution must stand alone as the justification for whatever position one takes. Let's have our arguments on that basis, please, and no other.