In Memoriam: PoetryBug 1973-2010  

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Sadly, another good friend of the RWRepublic has been lost to an untimely passing.

PoetryBug was brought to the RWRepublic by her sister, PeanutButterPoet, who was lost to us just under a year ago.

Sadly, this past fall, PoetryBug was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She would not have had us worry, so she told us it was a misdiagnosis. Then she disappeared for a long time.

She reemerged in February to announce the birth of her daughter. The next contact was with another of her sisters, who broke the news to me this past Monday that she had succumbed to the cancer on Fathers Day (last Sunday, June 20). She is survived by two sons, as well as the new baby daughter and PeanutButterPoet's two sons, of whom she was legal guardian. All are now in good hands with family members.

So again, we bid farewell to a close friend of the RWRepublic, just under a year after the passing of her sister. May your sister protect you in death as she did in life. Love and prayers again to all affected by her death, as well as by her life.

God speed.