News Flash: RWR is Still Alive  

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The IT business is finally moving along much faster. Time for blogging is at a premium, and much time is taken up with other matters, such as sweet sixteen parties and the like.

The music business is also picking up. A nearly completely dry 2009 and an even worse first half of 2010 seem to have yielded to some pretty nice shows. Turns out the one client was pissed at his producer and couldn't be bothered pursuing work. One of the top five most recorded bands in the history of recorded music, no less!

Anyway, we're all just chugging right along. Not much in the way of news. Glenn Beck puts on a great function in DC and Sharpton, et al go out and demonize him. YAWN. Say what you want about Glenn Beck. Liberals hate him more than they hate Hannity, Limbaugh, and Coulter combined. I wonder what their reaction is going to be when Greg Gutfeld goes primetime! They're SCREWED!

So yeah. No news. Obama pulled the rest of the troops out of Iraq. Never mind the forward bases there we're going to need when we have to go in and take Tehran. No surprises there, either. No news indeed.

Liberals hate Republicans, Republicans hate Constitutionalists, and Constitutionalists just want to be left alone.

No news there, either.

So I guess the only news is that I, your humble and excellent host, am still alive and healthy - and 20 pounds lighter than I was a mere four months ago! The numbers on the scale are still falling, though slower, but without having to give up any of life's real pleasures.

The big downer? Yeah, Sage apparently came south-side and forgot to call me. Not a surprise, but I was looking forward to again shaking his hand after over three years of no in-person contact. I imagine the hair on the top of his head isn't any longer and that on the back isn't any shorter. His email updates are always enjoyable, he's still one of the best friends I have, and his comments here are always provocative. Hey Sage, are you getting the hint here? hahaha

So yeah. I'm still alive. I'm still breathing. I'm still the same asshole the libs (and now a lot of LOTE Republicans) have come to hate ... and I'm still the Patriot the Founding Fathers would have stood up and set as an example for their countrymen.

Well thank God for that last!