NPR Fires Juan Williams  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I really haven't spent much time watching television of late. Haven't even watched a postseason baseball game from beginning to end - and that is VERY unusual. Anyone who knows me knows I am a RABID baseball fan, and when the Phillies or any of my favorite players are involved, you can bet I'm right there. Indeed, count on me to be watching Cliff Lee obliterate the Giants in Game 1 of the World Series. Indeed I did predict that the Cliff Lee trade would end up biting Reuben Amaro in the ass. A matter of perspective given Roy Halladay's undeniably amazing performance this season, but the truth is that Cliff Lee is in the World Series and the Phillies are not.

Back to the television thing. I put on O'Reilly last night to see that NPR had fired liberal commentator Juan Williams for telling the God's-honest truth. If this doesn't prove that liberals are against that which is real and true, then nothing is.

In fact, NPR is so removed from the truth and the willingness to tell it or see it told, there's not a shred of proof that their reason for firing Williams is even true. After all, he does also work for Fox News. Perhaps their jealousy towards that network's willingness to bring a man like Williams on to bring forth a more liberal opinion than their own and disperse some of the pro-liberal bias that exists in all of the media was the real reason. How dare a "good liberal" like Juan Williams contribute to a media outlet so far to the "extreme" right? He's hurting their cause!

No, folks, it's not lost on me that Fox is really a liberal outlet too, but it's the liberals who fight each other in reality, eating their own. It's like the Nazis and the Communists of the mid-20th Century. Just as liberal, but hating each other's method of liberalism to the point of complete and utter nonsense.

This is where the Tea Party has its greatest opportunity. As the libs in the media eat their own, spending their money and yours trying to obliterate each other, we Constitutionalists can stand tall and grow and build our movement high and strong. Look how little money it has taken to get to this point. More proof that it is not the money, but the votes that win elections.

OK. That's today's rambling. I'll try to get back soon!