The Emperor Calls Out Reid  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For nothing short of voter fraud.

I've often said that nutjobs like Reid and Pelosi can't win without "stuffing the ballot box". Who could forget the gore campaign bribing bums off the street with free cigarettes to vote for that stuffed shirt ten years ago.

The problem is that while this stuff gets press, no one pursues it in the courts.

It truly doesn't matter that these extremists commit these crimes, because for all intents and purposes, what they are doing is LEGAL. Face it, if you don't enforce a law, it becomes null and void. Just look at the Arizona border for proof, where they had to make their own laws because the federal government refused to enforce theirs. For all intents and purposes, there were no laws being enforced to stop illegal aliens from crossing the border.

So you won't see Harry Reid or anyone associated with his campaign on trial for this. It's not surprising though.

Not in the least.