Republicans Take the House  

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Republicans have won the House back from the Donks.

Big deal? Yeah, I think this time it must be said that it is. The Republicans promised us quite a bit of Constitutionalism, and they won big for it.

Here's the problem with it, though. When the Republicans fail to deliver Constitutionalism, Americans will once again demonstrate their insanity by electing Democrats to office. The Donks may or may not promise Constitutionalism, but I can guarantee you they won't deliver it.

So conservatives must approach this soberly, and continue to build the Tea Part movement as a Constitutionalist entity in this country, not one associated with any particular political party. We must be prepared to move further to the RIGHT when throwing the Republicans out the next time it becomes necessary and possible instead of allowing America to drift back into the hands of whatever socialist entity dominates the day. We must make sure it is understood that while the Republicans can easily be seen to be to the right of Democrats, it doesn't necessarily make them far enough to the right to deliver what this country needs.

That is the essence of the problem created by yesterday's election, folks. Not "gridlock" or "compromise" or the "inability to get things done", but the challenge of focusing the American people on what is right for America instead of just voting LOTE in the hopes of keeping out or getting out whichever party is perceived worse at the time.

This is where Federalists and our agenda come into play. The Tea Party embraces most of what we embrace. It will be up to all of us to do two very important things over the next two years, and in each subsequent election cycle:

1. EDUCATE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in the ways of the Constitution, the Founding Documents, and the Founding Fathers.

2. KEEP THE FEET TO THE FIRE of those sent to Washington to implement the Constitution, the Founding Documents, and the vision of the Founding Fathers.

As John Boehner said, this is not a time for celebration. His premise about celebrating when people get back to work, however, is the wrong one. The economy will recover long before this country even begins to recover from the damage done to her Constitution over the last hundred years. When the road to that recovery begins in earnest, THEN it will be time for some celebration - not a day before. Until then, there is far too much to be done within the Federalist movement and its sister the Tea Party movement to even contemplate celebration.

Another note to everyone: Money does not win elections. Votes win elections. Money may help get the message out, but if the people know the message is bullshit, they won't vote for it unless they feel it is the lesser of two. Taking the message of Federalism and Constitutionalism to the people hasn't taken much money thus far, and yet the candidates supported by the Tea Party largely won the day. It will not take the party bosses' money to take down the parties. What it will take is the force of the electorate. Of course, the force of the electorate also has the power to get the parties and their bosses to wise up and do the right thing, at least for a time.

Now how is that for a slogan??

Federalism/Constitutionalism/The Tea Party - The Force of the Electorate.

Has a nice ring to it - if it can be made to stick. Just make sure we're all doing our homework AND the right thing.