Hawaii Governor Wants the Birth Certificate  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thinking that somehow proving that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii will shut up those who wish to enforce the Constitution, Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie is pushing to have Mr. Obama's birth certificate released to the public.

Here are the problems with what he is doing:

1. Hawaii law prohibits the release of a person's vault birth certificate to "anyone who doesn't have a tangible interest". Of course, it's a complete joke that a person wishing to prove that a person is legitimately running for or serving as President of the United States doesn't have a tangible interest. If Honolulu hasn't recognized that fact by now, Neil, you are going to continue to have problems getting the certificate released. After all, I can't see many situations that present a more tangible interest than that.

2. Proving that Obama was born in Hawaii doesn't prove his eligibility at all. The Constitution requires that only a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN may hold the office of President. This means that even though you may be disproving "conspiracy theories Obama was born elsewhere", you will also be proving that he is ineligible for the office by virtue of his not having two citizen parents (see Vattel, 1814 and more).

It makes no difference whatsoever where Mr. Obama was born. Natural born citizenship requires that both parents of the person in question are citizens. Mr. Obama's father was a British subject, subject to the jurisdiction of Kenya.

Bring on the birth certificate, Neil. Bring it on.