27 States Challenging Oblahmacare  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

With over half the country living in states that are eager to end the shenanigan known as Oblahmacare, you have to wonder. Think about this:

Libtards bitch about how we on the Right want Oblahma to fail, yet when we take action which, if successful, increases his chances of success as a president, albeit by attempting to bring about the failure of one of his biggest guarantors of failure, the "Crowning Jewel of his Administration", they fight.

The losers on the Left can't have it both ways. Either Oblahmacare and other guarantors of failure fail, or Oblahma fails. Get it? Either he fails or what he advocates fails. The question they now have to ask themselves is this:

Is it the impostor-in-chief that must succeed in order for them to be happy, or his agenda? Sadly for them, the success of their agenda guarantees failure for America and for their non-President. The only way Oblahma and America succeed is if the Libtard agenda fails.

I say, let them eat cake. HAHAHAAAHA


H/T: MichelleMalkin.