State Wrestling Finalist Pussies Out  

Friday, February 18, 2011

No joke. It was because his opponent was a girl.

... or because he knew he was toast anyway and wanted to spare himself the embarrassment.

I've seen it happen, folks. I don't care what bullshit this kid gives you, he's nothing but a pussified piece of shit as a competitor. This girl has obviously learned what to do on the mat, and is more than prepared to win or lose. Girls have been competing in high school wrestling events in that state for twenty years. He knew that when he went out for the team.

Fact happens to be (and I've seen this as well), that girls tend to be more successful with martial arts training in general than boys. This could be because fewer girls get involved, and the ones who do are more likely to be the motivated ones with aptitude (as opposed to the scratchers and hair pullers you see in urban schools). My own daughter is a decorated martial artist, and the majority of her wins (even by percentage) have been against boys - as have ALL of her submissions. Off the mat, she is as girly a girl as any other. PeanutButterPoet and PoetryBug had five black belts between them - both truly amazing women by any measure.

Make no mistake about it. The kid's statements about "a boy engaging a girl in this manner" are nothing but bullshit excuses (Penn Jilette would have a field day with this clown). The girl would have handily kicked his ass and embarrassed him, and he knew it. Much easier to just take the forfeit.

Fuckin' pussy. Don't bother enlisting.