Obama Defies Yet Another Court  

Thursday, March 03, 2011

And it ain't a court order about his birth certificate either.

So if this guy can't be trusted to obey a court order requiring him to simply show his vault birth certificate, what exactly makes anyone think he's going to go along with any other ruling that goes against him.

Just watch though. If he gets a ruling in his favor on any issue somewhere, you had better believe HE is going to expect YOU to obey it.

The piece at the Rottie is spot-on. Read it.

Then come on back. We may have to look at Vinson as a POTUS candidate with the backbone and chutzpah he's showing here. Obama's minions have a lot of bullets they could be using against him, and may very well be looking for a way of doing so.

Gotta thank him for standing up.