Palin and Paul: Republican Frontrunners?  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

According to WorldNetDaily, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul are tied for frontrunner status in the 2012 election. Eleven percent each. The MSM's presumed frontrunner, Mike Huckabee, came in last with two percent.

I'm not going to Fisk the entire article, but here are a few highlights and thoughts ...

Palin labeled [Mr.] Obama "The $4-Per-Gallon President," taking the commander in chief to task for allowing gasoline prices to surge.

"His war on domestic oil and gas exploration and production has caused us pain at the pump, endangered our already sluggish economic recovery, and threatened our national security," Palin said. "Energy is the building block of our economy. The president is purposely weakening that building block and weakening our country."
While Sarah Palin is nowhere near the best candidate for the job, saying stuff like this will make her look great to Americans. After all, everything she says here is spot-on. Unfortunately for those same Americans, Palin's "solution" to this problem probably isn't much better than Obama's. Great sound byte. Lousy end result.
Rep. Allen West of Florida, and former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain each collected 10 percent.

In his WND column this week, Cain sounded like a presidential candidate, stating, "After a jam-packed week of nearly 20 speaking and listening events in Texas, Iowa and New Hampshire, I hear a consistent message from people. They are so concerned about the lack of leadership in the White House and Congress that they are now scared for our future."

He said, "People are also sick of this budget nonsense going on in Washington," and concluded that citizens "are viewed as sheeple. The sheeple are starving for leadership. As a man named John put it during an in-home New Hampshire event last week, November 2012 will be the 'end of an error.'"
Isn't it great how we get to hear who "sounds like" a presidential candidate? Palin with her $4-a gallon President line and Cain with "The end of an error"? Great stuff, isn't it? Neat to hear, but what about substance? Herman Cain has already been proven phony here, and Palin's not considered a winning choice either.
Tied for eighth place with 5 percent each are New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – who has claimed he could defeat Obama in 2012 but has no interest in running – and billionaire developer Donald Trump, who recently slammed the Obama White House for ignoring his offer to build a $100 million ballroom at no cost to taxpayers.
Trump? Please.

As for Christie, he has done a surprisingly good job here in New Jersey with regard to standing up to unions and a hostile press, which would be quite refreshing in DC. Still, he's no conservative, and nowhere near conservative enough to do what needs to be done there.

This election, like the last, should be an easy win for the Republicans. In fact, it should be easier now that Americans know what Barack Obama is all about (even though Americans know very little about his past). They would have to run Mickey Mouse or Bozo the Clown for President of the United States to give Obama the win. Sadly, from the looks of this poll, just like in the last election, it appears that is exactly what they will do. If Sarah Palin and Ron Paul are the best that party has to offer, I won't be going back any day soon.