Elect THIS Guy  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

So I've been on here shooting down every so-called "conservative" with aspirations for the White House. From Paul Ryan to Rick Santorum to Michelle Bachmann, none of them are strong enough Constitutionalists for the job. Sorry LOTE voters, but it's a cold hard truth. Eventually, someone appropriate for the job has to be found. There is a good place to start, if people are willing to get on the guy's case and get him to do it.

It would be kind of tedious to get an issue-by-issue analysis of this man's positions, but so far there isn't much else in the way of choices for POTUS in 2012. Time to get him to run.

Judge Andrew Napolitano
Get him to run.

Check out this Wiki. You will like it. Undeniably Constitutionalist.

Time to put the pressure on. What do you say, your honor?