More Comments on the Birth Certificate  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Liberals and semi-conservatives all over the blogosphere are now abuzz with different "stuff" about Mr. Obama's birth certificate. We are getting a lot of it, too:

* Great. He showed his birth certificate. Since it says he was born in Hawaii, we can now put this issue to rest.
* The serial number is later than those of two twins known to be born after him. The certificate is therefore fake.
* His father's race was shown as "African", which is not a race and would not have appeared on such a document. The certificate is therefore fake.
* Since the birth certificate shows that his father was born in Kenya, it proves hat he is not eligible to hold office.

All of these are very interesting indeed. I will address each directly.

1. Obama was born in Hawaii. We can put the issue to rest.

With regard to "putting the issue to rest" because Obama is now documented to have been born in Hawaii, I will reiterate that while a person's place of birth does make him a native born citizen, it in no way makes him a natural born citizen as the Founders would have defined it. No less than four Supreme Court rulings on the matter, including a case adjudicated by a Founder, support the position that in addition to being born on US soil, one must also be born to citizen parents in order to be considered natural born. For reasons that will be explained later, Obama is not off the hook simply for having shown this birth certificate.

2. The serial number of the birth certificate proves it to be fake.

I'm not buying into this simply because I have no idea (and I doubt those taking this position do either) how the certificates were ordered or expected to be ordered for processing. It may or may not have been mandatory that these certificates be issued in the order of the births they document. In fact, it is highly unlikely that there would have been any mandate with regard to order of issuance. Consider what would have happened in that scenario if a birth took place on a busy night and in the rush an emergency took place that would have taken priority over knowing the order of births. Having a mandate on certificate order would cause unnecessary issues within the hospital and the state. These kinds of busy nights are rare enough, but I have personally been in the labor and delivery ward in the midst of such a rush (at the birth of muy oldest daughter). If hospital employees had to be concerned with the order in which the births were reported, I couldn't even imagine how they would have gotten it all sorted out. In fact, there may very well have been a safety issue due to having to divert staff for the express purpose of keeping the birth order straight instead of attending to the births. I doubt anything with regard to the serial number has any merit.

3. His father's race is shown as "African". The document is fake.

Count on Sage to pick up on this. I would want to see another 1961 certificate from this hospital to verify it. I thought there was something strange about that being there too, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Of course, this brings us to the bottom line of why America wanted to see this document in the first place: SO THAT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US COULD INSPECT IT AND COME TO OUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. This is what America is all about.

4. Since his father was born in Kenya, it proves Obama's ineligibility.

It proves no such thing in and of itself. However, when combined with other circumstantial evidence (or lack thereof), it does just that. This document does not show the citizenship of the father. The fact that the senior Obama was born in Kenya doesn't alone prove Obama's ineligibility at all. If Mr. Obama could produce legitimate documentation that his father had become naturalized as a US citizen prior to his birth, then he would clearly be eligible, having been born on US soil to American parents. However, given that it wasn't very long before he senior Obama moved back to Kenya and worked there as a socialist activist (and I believe he even held office there), it's quite doubtful he would have done so, only to repatriate again as a Kenyan. If it cannot be shown that the seinor Obama was naturalized (and it doesn't look like he was), then and THAT point, we can say he is ineligible. The senior Obama's birthplace only mandates that next step be taken.

It's a shame that there are Americans who are look at this document and say that it's time to put the issue to rest. It's further a shame that people would call it fake and cite bogus reasons for doing so. Let's face it, the fact that it came from Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is reason enough to distrust it. Sage's point is very interesting, and I would love to get more information there, but for the time being, there is more than enough information in it to go to the next step, prove ineligibility, and remove this piece of socialist horse shit from the White House.

Let's get it on!