That wasn't so hard now, was it?  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Interloper-in-Chief today released his birth certificate. I will start by awarding him Kudos for that.

Barack H. Obama's Birth Certificate

Now the real debate begins. Do we apply the definition of natural born citizen that the Founders intended, or do we move forward with some pissant bullshit some irrelevant fool came up with defining natural born and native born as the same thing?

I have for a long time (and not secretively) posited that Mr. Obama was most likely born in Hawaii. Today, we have proof of that. Fine. But look at the birthplace of his father - KENYA. That means that in order to prove Mr. Obama's natural born citizenship, We the People must now see the documentation that shows that the senior Obama was naturalized as a US citizen prior to August 4, 1961. It is kind of sickening to hear and/or see people saying that the Supreme Court has never ruled on the definition of natural born citizen, when clearly it has. Not only that, but it made such rulings during the presidency of James Madison himself.

Of course, the LA Times, instead of reporting the news, twisted it (full disclosure - I noticed this was a blog after writing this post, so the word "twist" may be a tad unfair).
Obama said he knows the release will not put this issue six-feet under for some birther diehards, who probably haven't a clue where their own is. With a sigh, the Democrat from Chicago says he doesn't know why this issue just won't go away. Thank goodness, this fellow is patient with his people.
For starters, I will attest today that I am NOT one of Barack Obama's "people". As far as I'm concerned, legitimately in office or not, he can go fuck himself. The things he has proposed or attempted to foist upon the American people are nothing short of shameful, and Americans who cast ballots in his favor should be ashamed of themselves. As for my own original birth certificate, it is on file at the hospital where I was born or in Trenton's records, so I know where mine is, or at least how to go about getting it in a timely fashion. Thank you very much.

That being said, we now know why Mr. Obama didn't present this when the courts demanded it (no word yet on the other documents that were subpoenaed). He clearly wanted to delay the debate long enough to do some damage to the American way of life before having to answer for this. It's quite a bit late now to remove Mr. Obama from office much before January 2013, so he will at least get his entire first term in.

So we now know that Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii (assuming the certificate is genuine, and I see no reason to believe it isn't at this point). Now Americans need to decide whether they want to change the law so that a man born of a foreign national can serve in the White House. They also will want to look at naturalization laws as they existed in 1961. It is possible that Mrs. Obama may have been too young to confer US citizenship upon her son anyway (the law may have required her to be at least 19). British law at the time also would have claimed young Barack as a British subject. Lots to go over, and if you haven't gotten serious about it, the time is now.

Being born in Hawaii isn't enough in itself, and has never been. You can thank us here for pointing that out all along.

Again, the real debate begins now. Decision time, America. Is the Constitution good enough, or isn't it?