Vattel and the Founders  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

You get a lot of bullshit in the blogosphere from people who swear the Founders couldn't possibly have meant that Vattel's definition of the tern "natural born citizen" should apply to the President of the United States. These people are simply ignorant of the overwhelming evidence that they meant just that.

Of course, there are no less than four Supreme Court rulings supporting Vattel. You would think, from what you hear out there, that the court had never ruled at all.

I Took The Red Pill Comments frequently at On his blog, he shows more than ample evidence that the Founding Fathers would have supported Vattel.

In his post, he links this post documenting the Founders' direct connection to Vattel via quotes.

Again, people this well-versed in Vattel would clearly have known his definition. People this well-versed in Vattel would have definitely expressly defined the term for us had they not meant Vattel's definition. People quoting Vattel at every turn as a major authority on natural and international law would, without ANY doubt, have assumed his definition would prevail.

An objective and reasonable reader could come to no other conclusion.