Hurricane Irene  

Monday, August 29, 2011

OK, so the plan to destroy the world with a giant hurricane has failed again. Hell, I couldn't even knock out my own power with this one. Only got some water in my basement.

I even tried to point to storm at New England to try to take out the libs in Massachusetts and Connecticut to no avail. We couldn't even bring about significant damage to New York City. Guys, if we are going to do this, we really have to work harder.

So ...

Let's make sure the next storm really works. Get bigger SUVs and run them more often so that we can make the air dirty and destroy more ozone and cause bigger hurricanes. Make sure you get as much as possible in the way of tax cuts so that the destruction is greater and more widespread.

Seriously, we're really starting to look like wimps here. Where the hell is George Bush when you need him? The kind of hurricane he caused in New Orleans with his tax cuts is what we really need to do to destroy the planet.

Let's get it on!