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Friday, August 26, 2011

I've been quiet through some pretty important shit of late, none of which I have any really good excuses for. It's not like business has been particularly booming (though I can't say it's been particularly dead either). Anyway, here are some thoughts to get everyone caught up.

1. Jim Thome

Congratulations to Big Jim on his 600th home run. I saw it live, though I missed #599 in his previous at-bat. That's right. Jim Thome hit home runs 599 and 600 consecutively. That's big right there. Where I come from, Jim Thome will always be a Philadelphia Phillie, even though everyone knows his heart is in Cleveland. On that same note, congratulations to Jim on his having the opportunity to go back to Cleveland. It is my sincere hope that Jim's homecoming is a pleasant one, and that the Indians' season is everything they want it to be with Jim (except winning the World Series this year, which ain't gonna happen). Jim is one of the very best people the game has ever seen, and with his place in Cooperstown already sealed up, it's only fair that he get to play out his last years in the game where it all started out. Good going, Jim. We'll see you in the World Series.


2. The Earthquake

Yes. I did indeed feel the earthquake. Somewhere around 2PM on Tuesday afternoon, I was at my parents' house after a drive with my daughter at the wheel, sitting in a comfy chair. It was very strange. At first it felt like I was riding a wave in a boat, then it was more of a shaking sensation. All I could do was look around trying to figure out what was happening, when my mother asked what was happening. I just responded, "It's like the whole house is shaking." We deduced that there must have been a small earthquake, as there is a fault line here in New Jersey. The neighbor called just as my daughter was explaining what she had experienced in the living room. We put on the news and got the story. Cell phone service was out, and no one was answering the phone at home, so we headed out (this time I did the driving). All seemed fine here in southern New Jersey, so we began making efforts to contact people we knew closer to the epicenter. Everyone is fine, and the big question around here has become, "Did you feel the earthquake?"

I can definitely say I did. For the first time in my life, this week I experienced an earthquake.

3. The Debt Limit

Well what did you think was going to happen? Did you really believe the Republicans were going to get anywhere with this? They are part of the problem (the other part being the Democrats). If you keep doing what you've always done, you will keep getting what you've always got. Unless the GOP brass decides to make significant changes that they won't make due to having to divest themselves of power, there's just no way holding the nose and voting Republican is going to stop the Left any more than voting Democrat will.

'Nuff said.

4. Irene

It's been a very long time since I've experienced a real hurricane. By the time shit like that gets to my neck of the woods, it's a severely weakened tropical storm that isn't threatening a whole lot. Shows scheduled for the weekend have been rescheduled already, and preparations are being made for the possibility of being hit head-on with a Category 2. Not what you get in Florida by any measure, but definitely more than we're used to around here. This just isn't the "major natural disaster" neck of the woods. Our biggest natural fear around here is the Nor'easter, which pales in comparison to anything like a mid-western twister or a Category 5 hurricane or a California earthquake. With a Nor'easter, you get a shitload of rain or snow dumped on you in a short period of time. Short-term pain in the ass, but very little serious long-term damage like you see with the others. Think Blizzard of '96.

5. Freder Frederson

Six years. Still no sign of Freder. Phht.

6. Cliff Lee

Not the best July ever, but Cliff Lee is showing everyone why trading him after the 2009 season may have been a bad idea. The prize was great, to be sure, but boy are we ever seeing now what the cost may have been with regard to the 2010 season. I correctly predicted that would be the case, and right about now, Reuben Amaro is seeing why. Not only is Cliff Lee pitching his ass off and making Roy Halladay look like a little leaguer, but he's making contributions with the bat that make Chase Utley look like batting practice. OK, so those may be exaggerations to some degree, but it is undeniable that Cliff Lee is currently the best all-around player taking the mound anywhere in Major League Baseball (Wilson Valdez notwithstanding hahaha). At rehearsal the other night, the scuttlebutt was all about how trading him in the first place was a mistake. That's right. The job Cliff is doing has made many Philly baseball fans forget Roy Halladay's incredible historic achievements last season! I'm not going to jump on that bandwagon per se. I knew trading Cliff was a mistake the day it happened, but come on folks. The prize is still in town. The Four Aces rotation is tearing up the scene just like everyone thought it would, and with the callup of Vance Worley due to Blanton's injury, it might was well be the Five Aces rotation. That kid is kicking some serious ass!

Anyway, thanks a million times to Cliff for coming back. My season is made - World Championship or not. I'm already gearing up to possibly be the one who paints his number 3433 on the wall in his honor at Citizens Bank Park.

I'll be powering down completely here for the storm sometime later tonight, and most likely won't be on blog again until after Irene passes. Comments are welcome as always.


Afterthought: I'd love suggestions on how to improve the platform for 2012. Drop them here in the comments please! - RWR