A Quick Note on the Herman Cain "Scandal"  

Friday, November 04, 2011

I'm not sure where the libs are getting off going after Herman Cain because he has not responded to allegations that haven't even been made, but let's face it: They are clearly afraid of him. How else could this foolishness be explained?

These are the same people who defended Bill Clinton and his "slick willie" for eight years, even after it had been proven that he had engaged in far worse than Mr. Cain is currently not even being accused of, including lying about it under oath (an imprisonable offense). For his actions, Clinton was disbarred and impeached. And the liberals had his back the whole way. I can still hear James Carville echoing in my head saying, "It's just sex. This whole thing is PAWTISAN!". Please.

These same people are out there acting as if Herman Cain has done something terribly awful, even though no one has come forth with an allegation of any kind.

These people are desperate. The fact that Cain is scaring the communists to this degree has gained him some favor with me, though I don't think it's yet enough to abandon my bid for President of the United States. Still, if he gets the Republican nomination, I will have to consider voting for him. After all, if he pisses the liberals off this much without even taking office, we could be in for a lot of fun over the next four years once he does.

Whether it's Cain or Rocker in the White House, Oblahma is toast.