Gary Johnson, Debt Limits, and LOTE Foolishness  

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gary Johnson announced today that he's going to run for President on the Libertarian Party ticket (provided he could win their primaries). My assessment: fat fucking chance.

Gary Johnson is no more a Libertarian than FDR. This clown rated BELOW Newt Gingrich on my conservative percentage scale, coming in at a whopping 64%.

If Newt Gingrich can't convince me at 76%, how the hell will Gary Johnson do it at 64%? If he can't convince me, still technically a Republican, how will he convince a full-blown Libertarian? What a fucking joke.

In other news, O-BLAH-ma wants to raise the debt limit by another $1.2 trillion. More proof that he is not only woefully inept, but also criminally insane. In this election season where the Republican Party would have to nominate Mickey Mouse in order to lose in the general, it appears they are about to do just that - AGAIN!!!!

With the only conservative getting any sort of attention (Ron Paul) having more than enough baggage to hold him down while Obama spanks his sorry ass in November, you can count on four more years of either Obama or Newt-ack McRomney. Count on Romney to win the primaries. He is the one that has been anointed by the party this time around, and his chances of beating the Schlock are slim to none. It's 2008 all over again.

Since the Republican Party clearly wants nothing to do with the White House, and similarly wants nothing to do with conservatives, how long so you think will it take for the nose-holders to come around? I'm betting on NEVER, as they are hard-headed to the point of being so busy blaming conservatives for standing their ground ("a vote for someone other than the Republican nominee is a vote for Obama") that they will continue to be James Madison's worst nightmare.

To the LOTE voter, I say this: The time to come around is NOW. If you want a real leader to EVER get into the White House willing to govern according to the Constitution, you will have to make your move now, and either leave the party or get on with the task of taking it over, as you keep saying you want to do ("change it from within", you keep telling us). Let Obama, Gingrich, Romney, et al get elected, and there may not be a Constitution by 2016. It could easily be argued that there isn't one now.

As long as you keep voting for these clowns, the party will continue to give you ONLY these clowns as options, and demonize the Cains, the Pauls, and any truly worthwhile candidates that may come down the pike.

Where was your party when Herman Cain, the only conservative-talking candidate with any chance at all of winning, was being assaulted by the Left? Where were YOU when he needed your help to get around that stupidity? Furthermore, where will you be when, inevitably, Ron Paul is demonized for once allowing some bigot to publish an article in his magazine, then continuing to allow the same? If you won't defend Cain when he didn't do anything wrong, and now you are left with Ron Paul, who is going to believe you would even think to defend Paul for something he DID do that was wrong? Of course, to you it doesn't matter because Ron Paul doesn't have the Party's support, so to your eyes, he can't win anyway - but where were you for Cain, who could have EASILY run away with ALL OF IT, Party be damned?

So now we are stuck with Ron Paul as the last hope for the Constitution.

That truly sucks, and it's all thanks to the LOTE voter. I wonder if your typical LOTE voter would understand the clear logic in the following:

A vote for a liberal Republican in the primaries is two votes for Obama in the general.

Somehow I doubt it.

Get ready for another four years of The Interloper.