Default Judgment for Plaintiffs against Oblahma  

Monday, January 30, 2012

The correct definition of the term natural born citizen has prevailed in Georgia.

By not showing up or providing the ordered documentation, Oblahma has legally admitted:
1. That he is not a natural born citizen, as is constitutionally required to hold the office of President of the United States,
2. That the birth certificate he submitted in April is fraudulent,
3. That his social security number is stolen,


Default judgment was filed, and the court's recommendation will be to remove Oblahma from the Georgia ballot.

Don't hold your breath. The Georgia Secretary of State has the final word. He's a Republican, and is no doubt afraid of being called a racist.

What this case does do is open the door for citizens in the other 49 states to bring up similar charges, and have this judgment entered into evidence. Don't expect that to go anywhere either, as both Democrats and Republicans are all socialist nutbags who don't want their candidates scrutinized in this fashion. Don't believe me? Listen to the clamor surrounding the idea that Marco Rubio might be chosen as a possible VP candidate, despite his ineligibility as stated in the Twelfth Amendment.

Get ready for four more years of this bullshit, regardless of who wins.