Now HERE's an idea ...  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Here's a thought for the nose-holders out there. These people swear they want a conservative for POTUS, but will gladly grab their heels and let their party cram Mitt Romney up their ass. If they were serious, they would consider pushing for that brokered convention and running this man:

Justice Clarence Thomas

Not only would Justice Thomas Completely WASTE Obama in the general election, he would make child's play of every debate. He would govern as a Constitutional Conservative, and both Democrat and Republican would be forced to live by the rules.

Want originalist judges? I can think of very few who could succeed in that area by doing nothing more than looking in the mirror and choosing someone similar to the man staring back.

This a guy of impeccable character and unwielding conservatism to the point of libertarianism.

The Republicans could do much worse, and it looks like they are about to do just that - but what a great idea this is. Conservatives could remove Obama, save the GOP, and fix America in one election. Don't count on it, though. It sounds too much like the right thing to do.